design. simplicity. presence.

Presentation is a one-sided conversation where comprehension depends on communication.

Every letter. Every image. Every color.

It all fits togethers to tell a part of a story.


from the roots up.

Have your story told by a member of your community.

See your brand receive the same kind of care an international mega brand would.

At rates you can afford.


Social media. Search Engine Optomization. Photography. Video production. Website & Graphic Design. 

One department. One voice.

No waiting on answers. 

Social Media Marketing & Management

Search Engine Optimization

Photography & Video Production

Website & Graphic Design


meet the department.

James Somerton has been working in marketing and media production since the age of eighteen. In 2009, he received his degree in Film Production from The Toronto Film School and then earned Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, and Information Technology from Mount Saint Vincent University. In 2018, after completing his Master of Business Administration at Carleton University, he helped Telos DPS - a small publishing company out of London, England - grow so quickly that they were soon acquired by Amazon. He worked full time in marketing and media production while completing his education.


national experience.